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Kindergarten "Child's Friend - BULGARIA


Alphabet Day

    Bulgarians honour the 24th of May as the day of Cyrillic alphabet. All over the country schools are decorated with flowers, the portraits of the brothers St Cyrillus and St. Methodius in gratitude for the treasure of letters so suitable for the pronunciation of our language.

Millions of people read and write using this alphabeth. Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, and even Mongolia.


  For more than a thousand years the Cyrillic alphabet has been one of the few officially recognised languages / along with Hebrew and Greek and Latin /  for spreading  Christianity among the peoples of Europe.


Preschoolers from our kindergarten already know the letters, some of them can even read and write.

They play scenes based on literature examples and show their literacy skills in front of their younger schoolmates, all parents and many other friends.

The room is playfully decorated with large colorful images of the Cyrillic letters, drawn, glued, decorated and cut out by the children.

As  special guests have been invited teachers from other Sofia schools, prominent writers and poets, actors, singers, artists and other cultural and educative authorities.


The younger  ones perform to their best.