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BELGIUM * Activity calendar

December 2003






Festivity and decoration


Here are some pictures of our first december festivity! 



Sint -Niklaas is a good man who's coming from Spain with his steamship.  

He has with him a lot of black men (zwarte Piet) who helps him bring all the toys to the children. 

 On his birthday the 6th of december he goes to everybody.  Usually he has a white horse and they goes on the roof of the houses to put the toys in the chimney.  (Thats why  'zwarte Piet' is black).
Here you can see the preparations we have done for their visit to our school on the 5th of december!  The children have done a Spanisch danse (because we have Spanisch partners in our Europian project but also because the Sint lives there in a castle!



Here are the steps to make a Christmas tree!

Model given by Patsy, made with children of 4 years old!



1. White solid paper, green paint, sponge. 

2. Glossy wrapping paper

3. Glue and glitter.

4. Toilet cardboard cylinder

1. Using the sponge children colour the paper green.

2. When it is dry, we cut out a circle, then  divide into halves.


3. We make Christmas-balls cutting little circles from the glosst wrapping paper. 

4. Then we use the glue and glitter to decorate the halves.

5. We take a toilet-cylinder painted in brown for the trunk

  And here is the result!