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Comenius 1 Project 2002 - 2005

  Little Fingers

  at work




Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Spain



The project is aimed at :

      Developing aesthetic feeling and certain manual skills in young children, through creative work on applied and visual arts, constructing and modeling, using different craft crafts techniques.



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Tasks for teachers include:

  • Getting children acquainted with objects of art and crafts, items, models, samples and craft techniques traditional for the different partner countries.

  •   Teaching children how to evaluate the qualities and utilisation of different objects, materials and tools. Helping them improve their skills in construction and design, as well as manipulating different hand tools and materials /cutting, folding, threading, stitching,glueing, ornamenting, organising pieces and parts, recognising  and combining shapes, forms and volumes.

  •   Asserting the notion of multinational collaboration through the common language of visual arts and crafts.

  •    Enriching the curricular programmes of the participating schools with project related classes involving children’s creativity.


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