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BULGARIA * December 2003

Festive Preparations

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December in the kindergarten was dedicated to preparations for the Christmas and New Year festivities.

The children rehearsed a rich festive programme, prepared decorations and presents.

We decorated several Christmas trees for the study rooms of the kindergarten.

We hanged many  snow flakes, stars, angels, snow men and pine trees made of paper. Our  windows are decorated the with lovely winter pictures.

We made festive wreaths made out of pine imitation garlands with velvet ribbons and glossy balls.

We rehearsed a wonderful winter tale, and colored the illustrations which Mrs. Platikanova drew for the story.
A central piece of our decorations was the Winter pannel made by Mrs. Platikanova, It gave the model and inspiration for the greeting and invitation cards made by children and teachers for our parents and friends.

The children were happy to receive the pictures and explanations sent by our Belgian partner Ms. Sonja Geenens, and made themselves similar Christmas trees.
Children worked for three whole days to finish each his own little cardboard house, made from a juice box.

Inside the open doors and windows one can see pictures of the little owner.

Once ready, the houses, furnished with children's own pictures were gathered in the wonderful "Christmas village".



You can find explanations for the way we made our houses in the Christmas crafts page.


Later, just before Christmas a cardboard Christmas tree, decorated by the teachers with children's pictures was added in the center of the village.  
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