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Bulgaria * December 2003

hristmas estivity

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  ur Christmas festivity took place in the festive hall of a regional Culture Center, very near the Kindergarten. Parents brought the presents for their children from before, so we could hide them in the big bag of Father Christmas for the most expected moment to come..

The children had prepared for father Christmas a joyful show full of poems, songs and dances.






But the kindergarten team and our actors friends   had prepared some other surprises for them.

We arranged on a platform the Christmas village, which the children had created. We also made a big cardboard Christmas tree decorated all over with pictures of our children's photos, which they enjoyed very much.


1. The Christmas Tales Fairy /Mrs. Platikanova/, opened the celebration and invited the children on the stage to show what they have prepared.


The Children greeted their parents and all  guests.

It was just announced that the Christmas show begins, when something unexpected happened...

3. A very bad Witch flew in on her broom, threatening to spoil the celebration and take all the presents for herself.

The Fairy offered her a bargain: to start a competition between the Witch and the children. If the Witch won, she might take the presents, but if the children won, the Fairy would turn the Witch into a picture and stick her in a book of fairytales.

4. The Witch was so sure she will win, that she agreed, and they started the competition.

5. So the competition started.

The Witch sang and danced, then the children did the same and won a greater applause.

Then they recited poems and answered difficult questions /not prepared from before/.

Of course, the children won in all six tasks.

6. The frightened Witch flew away, but still, the Fairy succeeded to turn her into a picture, which the children later found in their new books.


7. Then a time for jokes and playful exams came.








8. We had to be sure the children had grown up enough and are clever enough to deserve the nice Christmas presents.

9. So Father Christmas couldn't wait to see these big and clever children.

They met him with a traditional Bulgarian Christmas ritual for health and long life, and every child told him a special Christmas poem. They also sang and danced for him.


He liked very much all their greetings and their Christmas village, so at the end he gave them generous presents and tasty treats.

The parents and teachers also got presents. Lovely printed calendars with the 2003 pictures of the children and small painted jars, where everyone could pot whatever they want.

/You can see how the children made the presents in The Christmas crafts site/.


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