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     Belgium  *    September 2003

   Children Create Statues                             





Festivity and decoration

         After the exploration of  the open air art exhibition, the children were inspired to create their own pieces of art.

Once back at school, 'Little fingers at work"! 

We made statues using clay, metals (lead) and tissues.


1. We need: tissue, isomo ball for the head, metal-thread-wire for the body, tissue-hard maker: color: bronze

1. Form the body, arms and legs with metal-wire. Put the head on top.





3. Take small, long pieces of the tissue and wrap it around the metal-thread 2. 3.  
4. With a brush rub with the tissue-hard maker in bronze


5. Put all the 'statues' together on a plank. --> group of statues!



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