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November 2003 







Festivity and decoration


 Some of our children have language problems, so for us it's very important to give them the possibility to see things in reality. Just showing them pictures isn't enough. We find it important for young children to let them see and explore nature and the surroundings by themselves. 
I told my children about my visit in Roumania.  I show them some pictures of castles that we have seen there.
One day we organised  an excursion to tree different castles in the neighbourhood.

We also made a walk in the woods near the castle. 

There we learned about autumn, the falling leaves and  their  different colors like: yellow, orange, brown, red..., we measured and counted how many children could stand around a big tree...


We saw a big castle with 6 towers, in the afternoon we have visiting a little one with 4 towers and later, another one without towers the walls paintaint in white.



 There is always water surrounding the castles. In past times this was   neccesary to protect the castle. 

 But welcome guests can cross over the wooden footbridge.


At school we made at the door also a tower with a footbridge. 

 We made of our class a castle-class as the children named it!


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