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     Belgium  *   Activity calendar   

         September 2003                    







Festivity and decoration

At the beginning of every school year, we talk with the children about the body, learning about all it's parts. 

This year we found an original way to teach our children about the parts of the body.

We visited a gallery of arts with a big garden full with statues of people and animals.

We also saw some modern works! 

We took the opportunity to practice counting: some human-statues were alone, but others were in groups, several people together:  "how many are they?" 


We learned to make difference between big and small. Children noticed that some statues have with limbs, while some have their limbs broken or missing.  We talked about what we see and about what and how the artist had created. We learned about materials. Statues are made of: "metals, stone, wood,...  

We also watched the expressions of the statues' faces, learning about emotions: "happy, sad, angry, afraid"... We noticed that some statues are dressed, but some are without clothes.


Then in class we tried to make the same carriage as the one we saw in a statue.

We played pantomimic games imitating the position and gestures of the statues.   

We practiced descriptive language: Children had to put into words their impressions of the pieces of art we watched: dimensions, position of the head, body, arms, legs, hands...


 It was a pleasant afternoon with a lot of interesting learning moments and experiences!

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